The Moscow Bar Association
tel. +7 (499) 241 09 67
tel./fax +7(499) 248 21 27


The major spheres of our activities are:

  • Consultation and elaboration of legal reports in all branches of Russian and foreign law, public and private international law.
  • Consultations regarding the laws governing emigration and immigration, and emigration and immigration procedure.
  • Elaboration of any legal documents related to transaction of business, conclusion of export and import contracts, cooperation agreements, agreements about bilateral trade, leasing and credit agreements, etc.
  • Complex legal assistance to Russian and foreign legal persons, diplomatic missions, and international organizations.
  • Complex legal assistance to Russian and foreign citizens under "Personal Lawyer" contracts.
  • Preparation of constituent documents for the registration of enterprises of any ownership form, including enterprises with foreign investment.
  • Representation of clients for the purposes of the registration of enterprises with registering agencies.
  • Creation of firms and companies abroad according to the established procedure.
  • Representation in the process of official registration of real estate titles and transactions with real estates.
  • Drafting documents and representation for obtaining licenses for various activities.
  • Obtaining of advisory opinions, certificates, and documents necessary for the rendering of legal assistance at various agencies, organizations, and enterprises.
  • Consultation on expert examinations, choice of expert agencies, appraisal and use of concrete expert findings.
  • Participation in constitutional legal proceedings.
  • Legal assistance in case of detention, arrest, or filing of an accusation.
  • Conduction of criminal cases at the stage of preliminary investigation and in the courts.
  • Representation of civil and administrative cases in courts of general jurisdiction.
  • Litigating cases of all categories in courts of arbitration of the Russian Federation, including cases concerning bankruptcy, administrative, and tax cases.
  • Litigation of cases in the International Commercial Court and the Maritime Arbitration Commission at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, and in the Commercial Arbitration Court at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Arbitrating cases and litigation in courts of the Russian Federation.
  • Conduct of cases at the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (Sweden), and in commercial arbitration courts of other countries.
  • Conduct of cases in the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg, France).
  • Legal assistance to foreign legal firms in litigating cases related to Russian legal persons, state entities, and citizens in national courts.
  • Participation in execution proceedings aimed at the enforcement of court decisions.
  • Organization of scientific and practical conferences on legal and legislative issues.

The above list is offered as evidence that the Bureau provides a rather wide range of services.