The Moscow Bar Association
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We are a Russian law firm.

The institution of attorneys at law was first established in the framework of the legal reform implemented under Alexander the Second in 1864. Since its very inception, the Bar was planned and established as a self-regulated organization, which in fact is what has made it independent of the state.

Russia has several times been shaken by revolutions. Under the Soviet regime, on May 26, 1922, the All-Russian Central Executive Committee approved the first statute on the legal profession in the RSFSR, which stipulated the creation of colleges of advocates; and at that time originated the Moscow City Bar Association, of which we are members.

The Russian and Soviet legal profession is proud to be associated with the figures of Plevako, Spasovich, Andreevski, Braude, Kommodov, and others, who successfully defended the rights and liberties of their clients in the complicated social and political environment.

We are proud to stem from the seed planted in the last century and are committed to do everything possible to uphold and enrich the traditions of the Russian legal profession.